Monday, January 4, 2010

A Mini 2010 New Year Paperbag Giveaway~~~

Jom Join Giveaway kat Heart Eco~~~~~

This paperbag giveaway consists of :
- 1 kawaii pencil
- 1 kawaii ruler
- 2 mini wooden clothes peg
- 1 handcarved cupcake stamp stamped on a paper
- 1 DYMO label - handmade
- 3 kawaii decorative paper strips
- 1 pink wavy ribbon
- 1 kawaii eco friendly recycled paper
- 6 colourful heart shaped confetti
- 4 colourful heart shaped paperclips
- 3 silver wired swirl emellishments
- 6 party glass cups confetti
It's all in one paperbag!

Interested? This is how you can participate.
1) Be a follower of Heart Eco.
2) Write a post about this giveaway and link back to this post. You are allowed to use this picture for your post.
3) Comment in this post including the link of your post.

Contest period is from 1st January 2010 - 15th January 2010.
Contest is open to Malaysian AND international bloggers and the winner will be chosen based on a lucky draw.
All the best! :)

sape2 nk join contest nie sile klik banner kat my side bar ok..


  1. uish..meriah je contest nak join je


    i've joined!

    lets support the green!


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